* Documentary and fiction film production
* Documentary and fiction film consulting
* Production support in New York for out-of-town and foreign projects
* Production support in US for foreign project
* Production support for US media projects in post USSR countries
* Non-fiction / documentary cinematography
* Photography services
* Corporate identity and branding
* Media support for performance artists and musicians

Documentary films:
Full cycle production support. From brainstorming and idea development, to logistics of setting up shoots, to full post supervision and archival clearance through marketing, audience engagement campaigns and distribution. Lean operation, great crew connections worldwide (Kenya, Rwanda, Gaza, Syria, Iran, Poland, UK, Germany, Lebanon, post USSR countries, Mexico, Japan, etc). Sergei often combines the roles of a cinematographer and producer/consultant.

Fiction films:
Independent film development from script through distribution. Script consultancy and breakdowns, budgeting, fundraising and business deals, structuring production process, crewing, union negotiations, permits, scheduling, locations/management, set coordination, post production supervision, distribution and marketing.

Corporate/NGO media solutions:
PSAs, corporate films, identity/branding, social media campaigns. By combining independent filmmaking ingenuity, strategic planning, noteworthy work ethics and talented collaborators, KINOSERGE provides full cycle media production for corporate and non-profit partners.

Non-fiction / documentary cinematography:
Sergei has been working as a cinematographer for the last 7 years, contributing/shooting dozens of documentaries, PSAs, corporate media projects, art films and performances. Please watch some reels and samples here.


Panasonic HVX200A HD camera
Canon 7D kit with:
-- Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L
-- Nikor 28/2.8, 50/1.4
-- Follow focus / crank / whip
Bogen legs/fluid ball head
Sennheiser shotgun mikes
2 Sennheiser G2 wireless lavalier systems
16x8 green screen
Lights package
Own car

Final Cut Pro7/DVD Studio Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
Macromedia Studio

On-going relationships with leading rental houses guarantee favorable rates for equipment rentals. Heavy discounts for special projects. Plus access to various privately owned equipment.
After 7 years in production Sergei has collaborated with a wide range of independent industry professionals and built up a full rooster of reliable contacts that allows to crew any project, from 35mm indie feature, to a news/corporate shoot, to a multicamera concert coverage.
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